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Division Manager, Chief Designer of Surface-to-Air Missiles at the Instrument Design Bureau, Lenin Prize winner (1986).

Vladimir M. Kuznetsov was born in 1939 in Volgograd Region.

After graduation from KAI, he worked at the Central Design Bureau-14 (Instrument Design Bureau nowadays, located in Tula): initially worked as an engineer, later on as a division head, in 1970 he became a head of the department, since 1986 became a division manager and chief designer of surface-to-air missiles.

Vladimir M. Kuznetsov carried out the organizational and technical guidance of the development and commissioning of surface-to-air missiles for the Tunguska anti-aircraft missile system and cannon complex and for the Kashtan naval air defense gun-missile system.

Vladimir M. Kuznetsov was awarded the Order of Peoples’ Friendship.